Most wedding videographers have standardized “packages”.

Like any package made up ahead of time, I suppose you could expect that most of them will end up being pretty much alike.

I’ve got a menu.

You tell me what you want. I assume (although that’s always dangerous) that you want the ceremony recorded. The entrée. So, let’s start there:

The Ceremony: $600
1 location
1 videographer, 2 cameras
Titled, edited complete ceremony
6 custom printed DVDs or BluRays in custom packaging
Online Video

There are two popular options, the “Trailer” and the “Highlight” edits. They are included in the Ceremony price. A trailer is about two minutes long, and a highlights piece is going to be 7-10 minutes.

These will be included online and as Chapters on the DVDs or BluRays. You can order any combination of DVDs or BluRays. And there will be no copy guard, so you can make your own copies.

If you want two videographers at the ceremony, add $250.00

And beyond that, everything is up to you!

You may want coverage of the preparations for the wedding. You may want coverage of the reception. You may want interviews with the wedding party, families, and friends. You may want a long finished product, or just highlights. You tell me what you want, and I will use my talent and abilities to tell your story, your way.

Reserve as many, or as few, hours of coverage as you wish.

You can choose one hour to five hours of extra coverage. (Or none!)
Perhaps you want to see the preparations before the event. (Perhaps not.) Perhaps you want just a few dances from the reception, or as much of it as you can stand.

This is priced per hour: $150/hour for one videographer. ($250/hour for two videographers) The most is five hours, plus the ceremony. If we work the wedding energetically – and we do – that’s about burnout time.

A couple of other possibilities: A music video of our footage of your wedding edited to a song you choose: $150.00. A portable hard drive with all of the unedited footage we shoot: $85.

It’s your day. It’s your story.

We’re here to tell it with you.